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The Secret Social

The Secret Social

Hi All,

Blog Time ! This weeks blog, swinging and socials.

Now, some love the social scene, see it as important part of swinging, I for one am all up for social side, I find its the best way to truly decide if you like someone enough, to take swinging to the next stage, play 😉

But, then you have the press, that thinks the swinging world is one that’s seedy and sleazy. Take the Daily Mail, they recently posted an article ousting an upcoming swinging social event to be held in Wales. The article mentioned disgruntled neighbours that were apparently appalled at the thought of such a seedy event taking place near them. The article also went on to name the organisers profile name, real first names, and profile names of some of those attending the event.

Ok, so here’s my thought, fair enough, if press want to print rubbish then so be it, but should they be allowed to name people. Have those people not got family, friends, and children. Do the organisers of these event waive their privacy right, for hosting a social in a secluded location, which incidentally has no nearby neighbours. Are the press so unable to post an article, without the need to name and shame?

Now, those that know me on fabswingers, know I organise parties at various locations, and I am currently in the process of organising a social to be held in Leicester. Now, this social will be all adults, that can all act responsibly in public, meeting in a bar for a few drinks. The second stage of the evening, will take place at a swingers clubs, for those that want adult play in a safe and secure environment. Should I be at fear of launching details of where the social will be held, just because the press might want to name and shame me? No I shouldn’t, but, as I have a life, family, a child and a regular job, the social is now all having to be organised in secrecy. Those coming to the social, will only find out near by hotel information, they will not find out the pub location or club location until a day or two before the event. Why? I hear some of you ask. Reason why, swinging is supposed to be harmless fun between consenting adults. And because of the press, and Joe Blogg’s up the road, that’s only ever had sex with his wife, and thinks we all dirty disgusting people, I feel the need that I have to keep locations private, for the privacy of swingers, who all have a life, all have a family that they love. My bet, and only a guess, that everyone knows a swinger, they just know they know 😉

So, those in the swinging world, that would like to come along to the social, please message Party on Dirty on fabswingers to be added to the list, let me know if you need hotel details, and rest info will be sent out shortly before the event.

Unlike the Daily Mail, I value yours, mine and Joe Blogg’s up the streets privacy.

Happy Swinging folks,

DirtyEyes xxx

One Response to The Secret Social

  1. It did occur to me when I read the article why the supposed ‘local resident’ was not named.

    I suspect there is no resident and the Mail just wanted to write an article about sex and chose the event to have a pop at.

    The location of the even it so remote a local resident could only have found out about it by being in the Fab forums….

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