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An Embarrassing & Comical Swinging Club Incident

An Embarrassing & Comical Swinging Club Incident

Hi All,

For this weeks blog, I thought I’d write and tell you of a comical experience that happened to me at a swing club, something all parties involved laugh about now.

Well, I was at a club, was accompanied by a young man, on his first ever club visit, so as you can imagine he was pretty nervous at the time.

We had a couple of drinks, before deciding on a sauna. We started off chatting, then moved onto kissing as you do, and got a little more adventurous, when we heard a tap on the door, from a guy asking if it was okay to come in and watch, we both said yes, and carried on with what we were doing.

We were aware of some movement from the guy that came in, but took no notice, until we heard a whoosh sound, followed by sight of flames and smell of burning.

As you can imagine, this stopped us in our tracks, we turned to investigate where the sound and smells were coming from, to find the guy who had joined us, was on fire.

I quickly opened the door, and the guy jumped into the Jacuzzi.

I remember hearing one person, who was upstairs in the club, shouting down, who’s burning toast.

Thank fully the guy was uninjured, lost some body hair and took a night full of ribbing from the customers, which I’m sure he still gets ribbed about now.

Now, I hear what you are thinking, how did he set himself on fire in a sauna, we asked the same. It turned out he had a bottle of liquid gold, and thought that if he poured it onto the sauna’s coals, he would make myself and my partner more frisky, what he didn’t realise was that liquid gold is highly flammable, I don’t think he’ll do that again in a hurry.

The poor guy had no luck with liquid gold that night though, as later in the evening he also managed to pour some in someone’s eye, by the end of the evening he agreed that liquid gold and himself do not get on well with each other.

For those unaware of liquid gold, its a room deodoriser, that is supposed to make you more horny and relaxed. However, I would say read the small print, its highly flammable, highly toxic, and not recommended for those with heart conditions, as always with these sort of things, do your research before using them.

Well, hope that gave you a little chuckle, till next week folks.

Please use the comments box below to share your comical or embarrassing club experiences 🙂

Love Dirtyeyes xx

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