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The wonderful world of Kink

The wonderful world of Kink

Hi All,

For those that already follow my blog, you will already know I have a kink side to my swinging side.

This week, I met a very polite young man, with a story to tell of a fetish that I’d never heard of, and although its not a fetish I wish to jump into its a fetish that has me fascinated.

Now, this young man is 22, but to talk to him you really would think he was older, he has a very wise head on those young shoulders of his. I met this man at a party recently, and at that time knew nothing of his kinky side.

After the party we got chatting via whats app, discovering what we are both into, what we are both wanting to try in life, and that is when I learned all about his love for hair.

Now, when he first told me about his love for hair, I admit, I was a little taken aback, but I was curious, I asked questions, I asked about the fetish, he answered everything I wanted to know, and now, his fetish no longer takes me aback, I now understand it.

For those not in the know, he has a fetish for cutting a ladies hair very short or shaving it off, to which he has carried out on a lady who also raised over £3000 for charity.

He explained that he gets turned on by cutting hair, that he becomes aroused, and had done since a young age. He told me about a site called www.haircut.net which I took the time to log onto and read up on.

And yes, I hear some of you say what the heck, what’s that all about. But really, is he any different from the man that becomes aroused from porn, or the straight lady that gets off on watching secret female-female porn, or the man that adores the BBW.

No, this man is no different, sure his arousal is unusual, but that doesn’t make him any stranger than me, my kink, my arousal to flog a man, and no, I wont judge him and think he’s a freak, instead I choose to take the time to understand him, to even promising to look him up should I ever desire to have my hair cut.

So, my point for this weeks blog, each and every one of us is different, doesn’t make us strange, weird or a freak, it makes us unique, I for one would rather have this young man as a friend than a closed minded person that would label him, or me, or anyone else out there that doesn’t live life by the norm. We are all normal humans beings, we all have our stories to tell, instead of judging, be inquisitive, open your mind that little bit further, no ones saying you have to try, but be prepared to listen with an open mind, we all possess one, its ourselves that decide if our minds are to be open or remained closed through out our lives.

And if there’s any ladies reading this, that wants there hair shaving or cut very short, drop me a message, I’ll be more than happy to put you in contact with him.

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One Response to The wonderful world of Kink

  1. Hi Dirty,
    Just wanted to say I love your blog posts, and follow them eagerly.
    I laughed at your tale about the sauna fire, ewwwwwwed at the STD blog, and went “what” at the hair fetish blog, but, like you, its not my thing, but I certainly do not think your friend is weird, he has his turn ons, I have mine, and you have yours.

    Be a dull old world if we all lived life exactly the same.

    Well done for another nice write up, look forward to reading your next adventure.

    Sexy A xxx

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