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Sexual Safety

Sexual Safety

Hi All,

How are we all?

Dirty is great. The last few weeks I’ve been spending some time in swingers chat rooms, and a big re-occurring topic seems to be sexual health.

Now, I am fully aware everyone is entitled to play the way they see best for themselves, but hopefully this blog will help those new to the scene, new to sex even, and help to keep us all a little more safer at play times.

Now, I was talking to a guy called SuperScars, for the record, SuperScars is hot 😉 , anyway, we got talking about STD’s, in which we were mentioning all the usual, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, genital warts etc, but he showed a face of pure shock when I told him about blue waffle, red pancake and special fried rice. (For those that are less faint hearted, click on the names to see the images).

Now, onto the safe sex, we all know bareback is not the safest way to play, yet so many seem to prefer this style of play, why, some say they cant get an erection when wearing condoms, some say they like the feel of skin on skin, others like to be filled with cum. We all, also know that bareback highly increases the risk of catching an STD.

Now, onto oral sex, how many of you suck a cock that not covered up, or lick a pussy without  a dental dam, in gangbang situations, how many of you have touched one cock, then gone onto touching the next cock, inserted a finger in a pussy, then insert same finger into another pussy, all without washing in between?  Yes, risk of catching an STD is minimal, but risk is still there.

So basically guys, I don’t want to stop your fun, but maybe take a few seconds to consider the risks, and take the right precautions. None of us are angels, and I’m sure we have all been caught off guard in the heat of the moment, but please, for yourselves, and for your fellow playmates, take all the precautions you can. No glove no love 😉

Have some very sexy safe fun peeps.


Dirty xxx

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