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Club Rules

Whilst we try to keep rules to a minimum – relying on the common sense of our members – we have a number of rules in place to ensure the safety, comfort and privacy of our members whilst on club premises:

Age: You must be over 25 to enter the club
Males: Groups of males will not be allowed entry
Dress: Ladies dress as you dare
Guys smart casual no tracksuits or trainers
Drugs: No drugs of any kind will be tolerated on the premises. Anyone found breaking this rule will be asked to leave the club.
Cameras: No cameras or recording devices of any kind are to be brought into the club except by prior arrangement with the management.  This also includes mobile phones with built in cameras; you are welcome to leave them in a security box in reception or in a locker.
Smoking: In accordance with present regulations new paradise club is a no smoking establishment, but we do have a covered smoking area at the club, which is secure and heated in winter.
Sex for money or reward: Paradise club does not take this lightly.  If you are caught offering this service we will give you an instant ban from the club
No means no Please remember if you are told no it means no and if you persist you will be asked to leave the club
Bags & valuables: We have lockers inside for you to keep any valuables in them for a small charge of £1.00

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the club

We reserve the right to remove your membership if you

are considered to be breaking the club rules

Our Sponsors

Loss or Injury: New Paradise Club shall not be held responsible for any loss or injury sustained by any club member whilst on the premises.