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First Club Visit

First Club Visit

Hi All,

Dirtyeyes here, hope you are all well.

I’ve been on fabswingers.com for around 4 years or so, and met loads of lovely people.  Around a year ago I finally plucked up the courage to visit a swingers club.

I did my research, viewed lots of clubs online, spoke to others in the chat rooms about their experiences, read customer reviews, and finally chose the club I thought would be best for my first experience.

I can still remember the journey there as if it was yesterday, I was a bag of nerves, had a feeling of dread, but a feeling of excitement to.  Even after all of my research, I still didn’t really know what to expect, in fact, despite what everyone told me, I fully expected to open the door and walk into some wild orgy.

How wrong was I.  I opened the door to be greeted by a lovely lady, that talked me through the membership process, explained the club rules and took me on a tour of the club. She really put me at ease, and introduced me to some of the regulars, all fully dressed I may add, no naked orgy so far :).

After my tour, I went to the bar, got myself a glass of wine, to take edge of nerves away, and spoke to a lady called Cali, who I had been chatting to via the forums on fabswingers.com, it was so nice to put a face to person I had been chatting to for months. That night I met many from the chat rooms and forums, of which some I remain very good friends with to this day.

And guess what, still no orgy, the club had a very relaxed “pub” feel to it, downstairs most people were smartly dressed with a couple of more daring ladies in stunning lingerie. To the left of the bar there was a Jacuzzi and towards the end of the bar a smokers room.  The room where all the chat and gossip goes on.  Upstairs is where all the play rooms were to be found.  In this particular club there was a large ‘couples/gang bang’ room, an adult cinema, a fetish room, and several private rooms.  All of the rooms, minus the couples/gangbang room, had doors with locks to ensure privacy without disruption.

I made the decision not to play that night, I went along more to see what this ‘club scene’ is that everyone spoke about, and boy, I am glad I did.

Since that first visit, I have visited clubs around the country pretty much every weekend, and settled on the New Paradise Club as my favourite, for two reasons, it’s local to me, but also it’s a very friendly, no pressure relaxed club.  It’s one of a minority of clubs I would recommend new to the scene people to visit.  New Paradise holds regular social nights, which are my favourite nights, as these nights are geared more for chatting and introductions, play rooms are available for those that wish to use them, but most mingle down stairs for the evening, welcoming the new, and playing flirty pool with them.

So, if you are thinking of heading to a club, but scared as to what you may find, all I can say is go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and will leave wondering what you were panicking about when you were traveling in. You will have a great time and you’ll make new friends, who knows, you maybe unlucky enough to bump into me on a social night 😉

Hope my account, helps settle some of your nerves, if you have any questions, please contact me and I will try and answer to the best of my knowledge.

Have fun you sexy peeps 🙂

Dirtyeyes xxx

4 Responses to First Club Visit

  1. I have been thinking about going for weeks but was a bit scared. After reading this I feel more relaxed about it so thank you

  2. Were planning our first visit to new paradise on the 22nd, its going to be our first visit to any club, so were looking forward to it, but as i am sure everyone was slightly nervous at the same time !

  3. I have to agree that a first visit to a swingers club seems frightening, but the reality is that swinging is a very sociable scene and the clubs are the same.

    New Paradise Club has a particularly relaxed atmosphere too.

  4. that’s a great blog dirtyeyes you have said just how we felt when going to a club for the first time, even though we had been swinging for a number of years was still a new experience, but we have never looked back since and always enjoyed coming down to new paradise, everyone is always very friendly and we always have a great time there. j n i

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